What Are the Best Stocks to Buy Right Now?

If you're looking for the best stock to buy right now, Disney is one of the most popular options. With theme parks in every country and intellectual property in every continent, Disney has an enormous amount of cash to invest. Even though its market cap is $250 billion, the company is considered the best stock to buy today just based on name value alone. It has been one of the best performing stocks for more than a decade and shows no signs of slowing down.

While there are many stocks to choose from, some of the best are tech companies. For example, Nvidia has been red hot lately. Moreover, Nvidia is a company with excellent intellectual property, which will help it grow at an incredible rate. In a simialar play Micron Technologies (MU) has attractive growth projections and is currently severly undervalued. 

AMD is another company with great long-term prospects. The company provides some of the world's best semiconductors. The company's stock price doesn't reflect its potential value yet, but analysts believe it will continue to rise. In addition, AMD's Xilinx acquisition is likely to make the stock even more valuable.